Binge Podcast

Binge is an original podcast hosted by myself, Sadie Vadnais, Robin Hansen and Kirk Iverson. The concept came from the idea of never knowing whether or not Netflix original content was worth our time. 

On the first episode of Binge, our panel reviews the Netflix Original 'Santa Clarita Diet'. Is this zombie marital sitcom a feast for the senses or will it leave you groaning? Find out what four regular BCIT students have to say!

On episode two of Binge we decide if this Netflix original series run the gambit of good taste or does this Beast totally bite it? Find out what four BCIT students have to say!

You voted on Twitter and Riverdale came out on top! The small town murder mystery trope gets a fresh face through young Archie and the gang! Our panel talks nostalgia, characters, and chill factor in episode 3 of Binge!


We hope you like this weeks episode of Binge, where we discuss the slice of life Australian show, Please Like Me! This irreverent comedy gets gritty with the human experience but can our panel agree on whether it really has heart? Tune in!

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